Our Story

From a field in Cavan to Wolfe Tone Square

Once upon a time there was an old, worn Tram in a field in Co. Cavan.  A man called Dave spotted it, and fell in love.  He needed to figure out who owned it.  In typically Irish fashion, this took several trips to the local shop to buy carrier bags of sweets, before the information was handed over.

The deal was made, and now Dave owned the Tram.

Dave had an idea for the Tram.  He saw a buzzy, busy café, filled with good food, nostalgic 1920s music, sunshine and laughter.  He set about finding a builder to restore the Tram to its former glory, and a location to showcase its beauty.

When Dave found his builder, he also found a new business partner.  John also fell in love with the tram and saw its potential. 

Restoration of the Tram, and finding a home in historic Wolfe Tone Square in Dublin 1, took almost three years.  Dave and John tendered to Dublin City Council for the opportunity to locate the Tram in this historic part of the City Centre.  Because of the unique sensitivity of the location as a former graveyard, archeologists were employed during the installation of services.  The Tram itself was completely refurbished off site.  It was lifted into position on a Sunday, and opened for business on a Monday the 25th of April 2016.

The Tram was built in 1902 by Brill in Philadelphia.  It spent most of its working life in Lisbon, Portugal.  It spent some time in a museum in Colwyn Bay, Wales, before being sold and somehow ending up in a field in Mullah, Co. Cavan.

The public can now see and enjoy this little slice of history in its new home in Wolfe Tone Square, Dublin 1.   There is a sequence of photographs inside the Tram showing its journey from decrepitude to glamour.  You can follow this journey and enjoy a cup of Brazilian barista-brewed coffee as you do.

The Tram has now entered a new phase of its working life, as a café.  Beautifully restored, softly lit, it is both quirky and nostalgic.  We offer delicious food, cooked freshly each morning.  The menu changes daily.  There are hot and cold dishes, desserts and healthy juices.  We aim to provide healthy but tasty food.  You can grab a takeaway lunch and coffee, or sit down for your meal inside or outside.  We also offer catering services for offices and events.